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To Be Broken Into Freedom:

A Spiritual Journey

By Rene Lafaut





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This oil of commitment in the clay lamps (think "us") burns together with the breath of life (think "Holy Spirit") to make the light of the Gospel. The light of the Gospel is love.




Often when a person has messed up his or her life they may find themselves so stuck in ruts that they can lose vision, and hope; and fall into self-pity and stagnancy very easily. These ruts can seem deep, dark, permanent, and prison-like. But they only hide or blindside more desirable ways of thinking, and feeling and loving that we would never have imagined existed before, except that the ache in our hearts tells us they must be there.

I have found that tackling and removing the attitudes of self-pity, and angry pressure in the many contexts of one's life is the first of many steps needed to discover a more desirable way of thinking and living. I have also found that dismantling "the tree of knowledge of good and evil" within me that consists of a dark energy flowing and giving life to a connected sin-structure (that is comprised of the building blocks of foolishness, un-repentant sin, resentments, fears, pride, jealousy, coveting, anger, judgmental ism, selfish-love, compulsive-laziness, and compulsive-indulgence and many other wicked fruits) will eventually bring freedom to love God, people, and self deeply.

I have discovered prayer that incompasses and sees God as good (staying away from attacking and judging Him) that leads to confession, ownership of sin strongholds, apology, accepting forgiveness (intellectually and emotionally), repenting in prayer [will define this], renewing the mind, and holding onto the promises of God together with the grace He amply supplies together with the little 't'-truths He gives helps to dismantle a hideous "tree of knowledge of good and evil" structure within a person as I dicuss and go deeper into this in one of my books.

This pathway for each person is different but all such paths have a lot of commonalities that allow for certain spiritual tools to be implemented together with a strategy for cleaning up the messes within up. It is not always easy to navigate to begin with. If we give up too easily we will not discover and inherit the promises of God. Jesus promised that those who will knock on doors will have doors opened. The process is nothing like the goal, the desires, and the promises. That means that patience and getting up each time we fall, and learning why we fall are key to spiritual progress. This takes humility, and being able to hear God's voice as is promised in John 10. It also takes being in touch with our spiritual hunger and thrist.